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RnD Fabrication is proud to introduce our line of Heavy Duty International Scout II Downflow Radiators! The basic price of this radiator is $550.00, and we can add our shroud and electric fan kit for an additional $245.00 if desired. We also offer a thermostat switch for $75.00. All of our radiators are built with mounting tabs for our shrouds, meaning you can always add the shroud and fan kit later if you choose. If you have installed a non-original motor or conversion engine, please let us know prior to ordering so we can place the inlet and outlet on the correct side of the radiator.

RnD Fabrication International Scout II Downflow Heavy-Duty Radiator

These are designed to be a bolt-in, finished unit that is show quality. They are fully welded with no epoxy or plastic, and are 100% aluminum that is Tig welded. Each Radiator features:


    1. Stock fan shroud will not work with our radiators
    2. Must use mechanical fan without spacer, or convert to electric fan kit
    3. Clutch fans will not work with our Scout II radiator
    4. Radiator hoses must be trimmed slightly
    5. Transmission cooler lines may need to be modified to connect to our cooler
    6. Electric fan clearances are very tight, contact us to discuss

Please contact us for a shipping quote.
Scout II Heavy Duty Tall Radiator

Please make sure that you read and understand our Company Policies prior to ordering.

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