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RnD Fabrication is proud to announce our line of Yale Forklift & Fork Truck Custom Crossflow Radiators! We just completed prototyping of the Yale VX style radiator, and they are now available for purchase! The price of this radiator is $550.00 (Note that the transmission fittings are not included in this price; if you supply your used fittings, there is no additional charge).

All of our Yale Forklift / Fork Truck radiators are built with holes for the original shrouds. These have a slightly larger filler neck, facilitating faster coolant changes. They also have the correct locations for the temperature sender port, transmission cooler and overflow. Upper and lower posts are TIG welded, and will require slight trimming of the stock rubber bushings to ensure a tight fit (this is due to the bead of weld at the base of the posts). Currently, we are reusing the transmission cooler fittings until we source a supplier for new units (yours will need to be supplied so we can install them).

RnD Fabrication VX Fork Truck Crossflow RadiatorRnD Fabrication VX Fork Truck Crossflow Radiator

These are designed to be a bolt-in, finished unit that is show quality. They are fully welded with no epoxy or plastic, and are 100% aluminum that is Tig welded. Each Crossflow Radiator features:

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